Somatic Movement Center

Somatic Movement Center

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Stress Relief & Relaxation with Clinical Somatics

Join Clinical Somatic Educator Sarah Warren St. Pierre as she guides you through a Clinical Somatics movement class in the comfort of your home. Clinical Somatics exercises allow you to release chronic muscular tension and reduce physical and psychological stress.

Muscular tension resulting from stress accumulates as we age, affecting our posture and making our movements stiff. Muscular tension is linked directly to psychological stress and mental activity, and it is extremely difficult to relax the mind and reduce stress if there is chronic muscular tension in the body. Muscular tension also raises blood pressure and leads to shallow breathing, both of which increase our stress level.

Clinical Somatic Education uses extremely slow, focused movements to train the nervous system to release chronic muscular contraction. The movements reduce stress, relieve soreness and pain, and improve posture and movement.

In this instructional audio recording, you will learn exercises that you can do on a daily basis to release chronically contracted muscles and reduce stress. These gentle exercises are an excellent way to warm up and get rid of stiffness in the morning or wind down and release tension at night.

Clinical Somatic Education is gentle, therapeutic, and suitable for all ages and physical abilities. You will receive one 80-minute movement class and a 45-minute Daily Practice Class, to be used after you have become comfortable with all of the movements.

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