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Clinical Somatics for Uneven Leg Length

Join Clinical Somatic Educator Sarah Warren St. Pierre as she guides you through a series of Clinical Somatics movement classes in the comfort of your home. Clinical Somatics exercises allow you to release chronic muscle tension and pain caused by habitual movement patterns, overuse, injury, and stress.

Imbalanced movement patterns and chronically tight muscles can cause you to hike one hip up higher than the other, resulting in "uneven leg length." In this series of instructional audio recordings, you will learn exercises that you can do on a daily basis to release the chronic muscular tension that is causing your uneven leg length.

Clinical Somatics exercises are gentle, therapeutic, and suitable for all ages and physical abilities. This class series includes three movement classes (74 minutes, 52 minutes, and 34 minutes long) and two short proprioceptive exercises.

1 PDF and 5 MP3
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